When should you consider recycling electronic scrap?

When should you consider recycling electronic scrap?

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Recycling is the way to future -It is the magic that will create a green world…

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electronic waste recycling is the act of processing used or abandoned materials for use in creating new products. Today, the world is facing a rising danger from electronics abandoning in open space. The discarding of old and damaged electronics items are piling up to possess a threat for human existence in future.

So, the best way to eliminate or neutralize the threat possess by electronics can only be solved by recycling it. Recycling is called the best solution as it kills the dumping into trash, also a reason for all problems on earth. Further, e-waste recycling is a process where you can turn trash, old, damaged and replaceable electronics into useful appliances. Moreover, it is also wise to recycle as electronics items have lot of metals, which can be reused or have resale value.

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  • Note:The process of recycling of electronics is based on disassembling, separating, dismantling of different parts of the electronic item.

  • Point to Remember:Recycling of electronics is an industrial process; and it is not similar to re – use of old electronics or donating them or repairing them for re – use.

The act of recycling is to process the old electronics item, and then creating something new or completely dismantling it. However, to dump it without following standard measure can be harmful for human and the environment.

  • Every electronic item will have a life cycle and durability. The products will reach their end stage some or the other day. The first thing done is they are either dumped or scrapped once their life cycle ends.
    The trash or dumped electronic items are known as e-waste. The computer and mobile phones are most highly resultants of e – scrap. Therefore, the steps to be considered for recycling of the electronics items or appliances are as soon as it reaches the end of its life cycle.

How is the electronic scrap dangerous?

  • The e – waste management experts believes that e – waste recycling is necessary to ensure that the land, air, and water are not contaminated or polluted. They say that the e – scrap have harmful metals and toxins, which when mixed freely with nature through the medium of land, air and water can bring potential danger to the environment as well as human civilisation.

  • They also added that the intensity of danger or harm will increase if any harmful metals or chemicals like lead or mercury get leaks into the swampy or damp places. These toxins can lead to dangerous diseases in humans, animals, marine life, and degrade the nature as a whole. It can also prove fatal for human civilisation.

  • So, it should not be thrown in out or swampy regions. Further, dumping or using e – waste as landfills can prove to be a strategic mistake by humans. The reason being they can destroy the fertility of the soil, poison the land or make it arsenic and even burning them can lead to air pollution and release of poisonous gases in environment.

So, remember be responsible to protect your nature and preserve it from being degraded.

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