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Recycling the ‘GOOD – BETTER – BEST’…
BRP InfoTech the computer recycling company’s mission is to bring a revolution in recycling computer and TV waste. It is endorsing its powerful concept of ‘4 R’ in an innovative way.
‘4 R’ Fundamentals to TV and Computer Recycling:

  1. Reduce what you use ‘should be the first motto of every electronic user’
  2. Reuse what you have ‘should be the second goal of every electronic user’
  3. Recycle what you can ‘should be the mission of all computer recycling companies’ 
  4. Rethink what goes where ‘as a global community; reason we all have earth in common’

Our environmental experts with recycling specialization believe the best way to give respect to our computer and TV who has been a part of your life is by recycling.
The transformation at ‘BRP InfoTech’ is like a rebirth; as we bring effective and efficient solution for every e – waste.
Every computer and TV goes for recycling at ‘BRP’; and we recycle potentially useful e – goods, future resources, and bring dead back to life.
The processing of computer equipment recycling at our centers is nothing, but magic.
The magic is inspired from eco – friendly techniques, clean technology, and environmental protection mission.
Synopsis of the Mission of Team BRP InfoTech behind Computer Waste Recycling:

  • Save planet earth
  • Save our environment from degradation
  • Say no to pollution
  • Securing Human life and Future Generations
  • Saving Resources and Efficient use of Resources
  • Preserving and Conserving Natural Resources
  • Economic Benefits to Region and Nation
  • Social Participation through Employment of Youth

Why chose BRP as Computer Recycling India Company?

  • Comprehensive policy and process driven computer and TV waste recycling to obtain maximum benefits, output, and economic benefits
  • Collection and Transportation with Reverse Logistics Support to even remotest parts
  • Guaranteed, Secured, Safe and Certified Data Destruction from computer hard drive and other storage devices
  • Environmental Stewardship with zero tolerance for pollution and ecofriendly recycling processes
  • Computer disposal sites managed by BRP follow strictly the rules mentioned by ‘Government of India’ under its ‘2016 Electronic Waste Disposal and Recycling Norms’
  • Sustainable development of future resources and e – goods bringing economic benefits to GDP and citizens

The main goal of BRP the computer recycling in Delhi based company is to defeat the e – waste hazards arising from discarded or damaged or obsolete computers, accessories, and TV.
Join hands with Us – Let’s Save the World Together…

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