E – Waste Recycling Boon to Economy and Solution to E – Waste Risks

E – Waste Recycling Boon to Economy and Solution to E – Waste Risks

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The contemporary times have witnessed maximization of electronic usage in offices, residences, and personal life. But do you ever think what happens to the electronic goods that gets damaged or are replaced by new ones. They actually go into scrap and contribute many times to electronic waste, which can be hazardous for our environment.

This is not unusual, e – waste is a common term and in today’s modern time’s lot of efforts is being made to reduce, reuse and recycle e–waste. Else they may possess danger to environment. Computer equipment recycling and electronic recycling is a proven method to eradicate the growing menace of hazardous electronic waste.

Industries in every sector today are going electronic and digital. Therefore, the increasing digitisation in every sector has contributed terribly to e–waste deposits. The figures are unbelievable as it states that every year 55 metric tons approx. of e – waste is assembled around the world. The e – waste danger is just not restricted to the developed nations, but even the developing and underdeveloped nations are also facing the risk of E–Waste.

What makes e – waste so dangerous?

Remember every kind of waste can be risky as they can pollute the environment. In case of e – waste you’re actually dealing with huge number of toxic elements. These elements comprises of mercury, lead, cadmium, and ion. These are highly reactive and inflammable when exposed to nature or sunlight or external conditions. Even if you consider dumping e – waste into swampy lands, even then the perils are no short. They can lead to health trouble and environment problem.

Why e – waste are increasing in and around the world?

  • The developed countries are replacing computer system at fast paced. The average longevity of a computer system is considered 2 years in present times. It has seen a sharp fall in lifespan from earlier 6 years to current 2 years.

  • Every 1 year mobile phones used in corporate sectors are replaced.

  • Every 2 years people using mobile phones for personal communication are being replaced.

  • Computer, portable and mobile phone has seen 35% increases in sales during last 3 years.

  • Today 84% people around the world use smartphones to access the internet. The average lifespan of these smartphones are considered 20 months.

Therefore, e – waste is increasing and electronic scrap is becoming a challenge to eliminate as fast as possible.

Why should we consider e–waste recycling as an option?

You may think why we need to sell our electronic gadgets for recycling…
There is logic as well as deep concerns to explain your curiosity. Remember every nation aspires to develop and progress. Thus, we cannot stop even developing nation from going digital and electronic. Therefore, investment in computers and electronic medium will keep on increasing.

So, if we don’t think of a solution to dismantle them, then we will only contribute towards bigger environmental problems. We will give birth to new health crisis, poisoning of land, and polluting water resources. This is not logical and is also harmful for any nation’s progress.

The best solution is always recycling of electronic to become productive for economic benefits. We must not forget e – waste consists of valuable and precious metals. So, it can of great economic solution. The metals such as gold, zinc, and copper are commonly found from e–waste recycling.

The benefits are numerous of recycling scrap as a result of replacing damaged or old electronic mediums. But, recycling can lead to preservation of nature, natural resources and ensure fresh air by eliminating chances of air pollution.

We should spread the awareness and take the current 24% electronic scrap recycle to higher level. So, it is necessary to face the real challenges and move with optimism in waste management aspect.

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