As we are becoming the more technological dependent, we are producing more and more e-waste. These are polluting the environment because we are not careful about it. We offer e-waste recycling in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam etc. BRP Infotech is a well equipped e-waste recycling company in Delhi which helps a lot in tackling with the problem of e-waste. E-Waste Recycling in Delhi provides various services for the proper reuse and recycle of e-waste. E-Waste Recycling in Mumbai is taken seriously and many companies are working in this area. Our main focus is on recycling old electronics  like TV, computer, washing machines, mobiles, cables, printer, scanner,  fax machines, VCRs, and DVD players etc. that are not in use, to make our environment clean & safe. Our E-Waste Recycling Center in Pune provides recycling solution to all your e-waste products. We also provide guidance and information to consumers how to recycle their electronic waste. If E-Waste is not managed properly, it will create disasters and cause very dangerous effects on human beings, plants and animals life. So proper recycling of e-waste is must. Through our E-Waste Recycling Center in Kolkata, we request you no to dump your old electronic waste in garbage as it has hazardous effects.

E-Waste Recycling in Delhi

An authorized E-Waste Recycling Unit in Chennai for safe disposal of electronic scrap, managed by a group of professionals, the team has all the expertise necessary for e-waste management and disposal in a globally acceptable manner. The problem of e-waste in the country is increasing and Hyderabad is the sixth largest generator of e-waste in India. To encourage proper E-Waste Recycling in Hyderabad, the Telangana government has announced the e-waste management policy. At our E-Waste Recycling Center in Bangalore, we accept electronic waste such as discarded computers, office electronic equipment, mobile phones, television sets, refrigerator etc. which are handled for reuse, recycling or disposal. Our E-Waste Recycling Center in Visakhapatnam offers environmentally responsible IT asset recovery and e-waste recycling services to organizations in Visakhapatnam and surrounding areas.

E-Waste recycling Bangalore

Urban Mining

Recycling of E Waste

Maximum metal recovery

Peripherals/components recovery

Resource efficiency via reuse

Efficient reverse logistics management

Global standards for Indian centric market


Brand protection

Secure destruction


Environmental Stewardship

Ensuring commodities are recycled in environment friendly manner

Providing transparent reporting

Cover asset Disposition risk


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