6 Facts to Believe E – Waste are an Increasing Menace – Part 1

6 Facts to Believe E – Waste are an Increasing Menace – Part 1

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Electronics and electrical are experiencing rapid innovation as well as advancement. Every day a new variant or updated electronic products or appliances are making its way to the market. So, every day there’s a new product launching and luring people to buy it with exciting offers or features. These, new products often lead the old or outdated or old electrical devices or electronic appliances to get discarded by their owners.

E-Waste recycling in India

The discarding of the electronic product is not a problem, but unplanned discarding or throwing away of electronic product is a big threat to the environment. The reason being they contain harmful chemicals or metals, which can pollute or spread poison in the environment.

electronic waste solutions

The metallic element like lead or mercury present in the electronic or electrical device can lead to poisoning of the environment and left long term negative implication in our eco-sphere. Further, burning the electrical or electronic products or appliances or items can pollute the air, and make it unfit for respiration; causing numerous respiratory diseases in human and animals.

Accidentally if it leaks into watery bodies or swampy areas it could spread epidemic sort of diseases in human or animals consuming it. So, it is highly dangerous to throw away electronic goods in open space.

computer waste recycling

There should be a process to dismember the old, damaged, outdated and difficult to repair electronic or electrical items. The government of every country should have it as their prime agenda to ensure it could control the world’s largest pile of scrap in form electronics from spreading devastation.

If you think it is not a serious issue, then we will share some startling facts to make you believe it is more dangerous than we think.

Solution: Recycling of electronic goods.

Where to recycle old electronics?

This is a burning question; there are companies in India, which have necessary technology, man power, and skills to completely dismantle the e-scrap; without harming the nature or ecosphere.

6 Facts to Believe E – Waste are an Increasing Menace:

  1. The 50% of e – waste, are actually not scrap. They are complete set of electronic equipment. They can be easily recycle, reuse, and recover for further production.

  2. Electronic waste is considered to be the highest in pile up of garbage around the world. It is estimated to be over 50 million tons.

  3. 1 Billion Mobile phones, 300 million computers are produced every year for global consumption. Apple Co. didn’t become the world’s only trillion dollar company in a heist. There was obvious reason, need, production, and consumption, which led to smartphone or mobile phone companies skyrocket profits.

  4. U.S alone discards 140 million phones every year to landfills. It is estimated the power obtained from these cell phones after recycling, can give energy to 25,000 houses for a year.

  5. U.S is the top ranked country in terms of e – waste dumping and discarding. It is believed that ‘Americans’, throw away 9.4 million tons of electronics annually.

  6. According to survey by e-waste recycling Bangalore states that 1 million recycled cell phones helps in recovering 35,274 lbs. of copper, 772 lbs. of silver, 75 lbs. of gold, and 33 lbs. of palladium.

Sadly, it is just 12.5% of e – waste that goes out for recycling. We need to do more; to save our planet, our environment, our next generation, and promote recycling for a prosperous future.


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