Know Suitable Options for Electronic Waste Disposal

Know Suitable Options for Electronic Waste Disposal

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Electronic waste refers the item which has a plug or battery which is not working like computers, printers, keyboards, circuit boards, monitors, motherboards, DVD players, power tools, kitchen appliances, scanners, televisions, video game consoles and also mobile phones. Some businesses and people may take time to find out better ways of disposing their old electronic items.

Today’s lifestyle of people has moved several people to a point where they rely upon the items that may affect their daily life significantly, like electronic waste. Thus, instead of choosing an appropriate electronic waste disposal option, they follow the trend of throwing away the electronics inside the trash bin.

E-waste disposal

Electronic waste consists of hazardous as well as toxic materials like cadmium, brominated fire retardants, mercury and lead. Electronics may contain such substances that can cause harm to the environment. Thus, they should not be disposed in the land. Electronic items like PCs bear valuable metals such as copper and gold. Efficient disposal measures can retrieve such recyclable components for their reuse. Thus, any electronic item which is no longer required can easily be recycled and is prevented from ending up in the landfills.

E-Waste management in India

Disposal options

To become environmentally conscious, you don’t have to pay a lot. There are many free disposal services available in the country itself for such purpose. City councils usually provide free electronic waste disposal ways, where public is motivated to deliver their e-waste to particular locations. In this way it is ensured that e-waste is disposed in environment-friendly manner.

If you are willing to earn some money, you also have nice option of selling your e-waste. Many online sites offer nice payment for any type of unwanted electronic items, thus allowing people to earn some extra income. If you like to give charity, electronic items in good condition can be even donated to local schools or other underprivileged communities.

Recycling Option

If something breaks, purchasing a new item rather than fixing the problem is considered better option. E-waste is assumed to grow at higher rate but since several decades it is being disposed in landfill sites and has resulted in dangerous metals that are contaminating the surrounding soil and groundwater.

The health effects of such metals can prove quite harmful for human beings. As per research, mental health disorders, cancer and even tumours can occur after exposure to such harmful metals. Recycling of materials create give rise to secondary raw materials which in turn results in substantial energy savings than creating primary raw materials. Thus, recycling helps in preserving the valuable resources and in conservation of energy.

All sorts of wastes should be properly disposed to avoid any type of environmental and health hazards. In the process of manufacturing, huge waste is created. In the manufacturing process of electrical field, huge electronic waste is developed that may cause serious threats to the environment and health of people.

BRP Infotech is one of the best e-waste management companies that is responsible for collection and recycling of all sorts of electrical items. It works for disposal of electrical and electronic waste to the manufacturers, sellers and the end users to develop an infrastructure to collect all sort of electrical and electronic waste that includes cell phones.

An awareness should be created among the public so that they can return their worn out and waste cell phone items for their proper disposal in very environment friendly manner. No one wants his environment to get polluted and cause global warming calamities. Each recyclable thing must be recycled.

For an instance, Aluminium is a sustainable metal which can easily be recycled into new cans within the period of sixty days. Thus, instead of throwing out the used cans at any place, you should bring those cans for efficient disposal and you can even exchange them for money. Your old cell phones and other types of electronic gadgets can allot you money for their proper disposal. Thus, you will be saving money as well as your environment together. It is our duty to protect our environment and thus we should adopt this step to reliably dispose the e-waste. Thus, computer waste recycling is essential.

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