19 Insights into E – Waste Management and Risks

19 Insights into E – Waste Management and Risks

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21st century is all about ‘electronic revolution’ and new technology is gripping the world. As new technology is taking over, the old technologies are getting into dust; being dumped, and some being thrown away.

The dumping of lot of electronic goods are piling up, and ending up as e-scrap or e–waste. The waste will slowly become a menace to be tackled or controlled. So, we should be aware of waste management. In today’s world e – waste is bigger problem than other garbage’s or pile of scraps.

Electronic Waste Management in India is urging manufacturers and e – commerce platform to go for exchange program for electronic goods. That is the best way to tackle the increasing e – waste, and also to go green or believe in recycling. Exchange program by big companies or e – commerce platform always promotes the recycling of old or damaged or outdated versions of electronics.

electronic waste management in India

19 Insights into E – Waste Management and Risks:

  1. Every year ‘US’ dump 400 million tons electronic items
  2. The 400 million tons of electronic items consist of one million tons of e – waste
  3. The landfills to dump e – waste has increased to level, that there is shortage of space for dumping of e – scrap
  4. Therefore, all the e – waste is being transported to countries like ‘China
  5. China is one country where proper regulation of dumping is not followed for e – waste
  6. As a result the residents of the ‘Chinese’ territories are suffering from severe health issues
  7. It is also observed by human right groups that the local residents are showing signs of high amount of lead presence in their blood samples
  8. It is not at all wise to destroy human civilisation of one region or nation to promote the well – being of another nation
  9. So, e – waste dismantling should be done in a process and controlled manner
  10. E–waste recycling Mumbai or Bangalore in India are much more technologically advanced, available in cheap labour cost, and are automated process where lead leakage or poisoning is eliminated
  11. The electronic products often consist of lead or mercury; and they can always leak into the land or water
  12. With time the chemicals present in electronics product will release in atmosphere, which have impact on environment and communities
  13. Recycling of old electronics often helps in collecting or recovering metals of high value
  14. The metals are often gold, copper, zinc, aluminium, silver, and alloys, which are recovered from electronic goods
  15. The recycling of old electronics often help in reducing the cost of new electronic products
  16. The recycling process also is helpful in saving energy, reducing pollution, reducing greenhouse effect, and effectively using resources by consuming less for production
  17. The donation of e – products to people in need or simply in friends or relatives or communities can prevent the e – waste from entering into landfills
  18. Thus, landfills will be saved, and so is earth from being polluted
  19. The e – waste land pollution is considered to be worst kind of pollution

In our next edition we will talk about how to protect your surroundings from e – waste.

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