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Welcome to BRP Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

BRP Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading computer recycling companies, e-waste recycling companies in India which is involved in the recycling of the electronic goods through the state of art recycling process with a vision to protect and conserve the environment by recycling the end-of-life electronics. E-waste recycling in India is a serious issue. These wastes can lead to serious health and environmental issues. We present most effective way to manage the problems of E-Waste.You need not to worry about where to recycle old electronics. To solve the problem of e-waste, we are here to help you recycle old electronics that are no longer useful. Recycling e waste helps to reduce the pollution and energy by manufacturing a new product from them.

We apply most effective ways and present the maximum benefits of recycling by using the most effective and responsible methods of recycling. We aim at minimizing the treats and dangers to human health and environment by responsible recycling.

Our Goals are much beyond the e-waste we also understand our customer needs for recycling and data destruction needs with a vision to add value to your business we aim at a strong vendor based relationship providing services like asset repurposing and also a compliance to all kinds of green businessobjectives. We understand different needs of different customers and thus our expertise in field helps you solve all needs for e-waste solutions.

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Revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe; you have to make it fall.

Be part of the biggest electronic recycling revolution with ‘BRP InfoTech’; make the environment free of electrical and electronic menace.

India’s largest e–waste recycling company ‘BRP InfoTech’ is helping to build a world free of electronic clutter, e–scrap, and a better place to live. BRP InfoTech one of the largest electronic waste recycling companies believe that reuse, dismantling, and recycling is the only way to protect our environment from piling e–waste.

The electronic waste recycling of team ‘BRP’ is based on concept of transforming e–waste into sustainable resources for future utilities. We take proud in extracting precious metals from electronics, and make them available for resale, reuse, as well as recycle.

Our electronic recycling is admired globally for its low cost, adequate capacity, eco – friendly plants, and environmental friendly processing. We pledge to save the environment from global electronic waste hazards.

Our electronic waste disposal processing also ensures that our workers, supervisors, and team leaders are not directly or indirectly exposed to harmful metallic elements like lead or mercury. Thus, we fulfill our commitment of safe, secure, and save the enjoinment policy.

Why BRP InfoTech the best for E–Waste Recycling in India?

Solutions per Requirement:
Our Electronic asset management is customized treatments to ensure eradication of e – scrap from our environment.

Therefore, we are appreciated globally as one of the best e–waste recycling companies in India.

We also follow the global standards for data destruction and Uninstalling of electronic assets.

Our team of experts also apply the international standards to assess the resale value of electronic assets

Easy Collection and Easy Transportation:

Global network for collecting e–waste is the hallmark of our brand as one of the best e–waste companies in India.

Customized tracking of e–waste and its management

Instant collection at various centers, and faster disposal of e–waste

Innovation the Key:

Innovative processing units to ensure minimal environmental pollution

Safe process aimed at recycling and reselling processed e–waste

Clean technology to ensure zero hazards being spilled into the nearby regions, starting an epidemic

Best operational practice to ensure reuse of electronics assets

USP’s of BRP InfoTech the Computer Recycling Companies:

Reduce Pollution with Clean Technology

Minimal Risks to Human Health

Environmental Responsible Recycling

Asset Refurbishment to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

100% Destruction of Confidential Data

Reverse Logistic for e–waste Management & electronic waste recycling in India

EPR Implementation for Business Transformation

Recycling Certification for Go Green Boost

Brand Safety & Protection by Sustainable Destruction

Pioneer of Environmental Stewardship and electronic recycling in India

Process of BRP InfoTech for Recycling E–Waste & Electronic Waste Disposal in India:

Collection of e – scrap from centers

Transportation of e – scrap from centers to processing plants

Processing of e – scrap to sustainable resources for future

Recycling is the final conclusion to protect the environment

Trust BRP InfoTech the leader in efficiently management of discarded e–waste…

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