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‘Welcome to Unlimited Recycling’…
BRP InfoTech the e – waste recycling Kolkata based organization thinks that the only thing that can hinder recycling of e – waste is wasted time.
The e – waste recycling companies Kolkata has unanimously declared electrical and electronic waste has the largest pile of waste on earth.
The declaration of the electronic waste recycling in Kolkata also states that the e – wastes are complex, hazardous, degrading, dangerous, and threat to human existence.
Team ‘BRP’ came up with is unique recycling process to change the environmental risks, into useful resources for future.
We as the best brand for electronic waste disposal in Kolkata assure to prevent waste of potential electronic and electrical equipment’s.
Mission of BRP as best Computer Waste Recycling Companies in Kolkata:

  • To be the best electronic waste recycling companies in Kolkata we are improving our technology to be eco – friendly and clean tech.
  • We are committed to green earth initiative; and provide green solution to e – waste management.
  • Ensuring that every business activities are performed under environmental sustainability, economic benefit, and optimum use of resources.
  • We are profoundly honored amongst the best electronic waste recycling management companies Kolkata for introducing a methodology of clean, green, and recycling based treatment of e – waste.
  • Team BRP is committed to fulfill its social responsibility as it ensures generation of employment opportunities for youngsters; and ensure that they participate in our mission of safe environment.

BRP InfoTech is considered the leader amongst e – waste recycling management companies Kolkata for its 4 R policy of ‘report, redesign, reuse, and recycle’.

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