Significant Points to Remember to Tackle Global E – Waste Problem

Significant Points to Remember to Tackle Global E – Waste Problem

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The world is now aggressively moving towards being tech-savvy, electronic gadget freak, and simplification through electrical. These often lead to the overusing of electronics and gadgets in day to day life. Humans in today’s world just cannot imagine life without smartphones, tablets, laptops, iPod, other household electrical appliances, and internet.

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Every person in today’s world is buying electrical appliances, electronic gadgets, and tech-savvy products at regular interval. This race for owning e – appliances have made the world home of e-waste.



  • The electrical or electronic appliances or gadgets have a lifespan.
  • The average life span of any product is 3 years in general civil society.
  • The life span of a mobile phone for the corporate sector is believed to be 1 to 2 years
  • The life span of laptops or computers in the corporate sector or institutes is believed to be 2 years.
  • The damaged or old or outdated versions are immediately being replaced with the newest version of an electronic component or appliances or gadgets.
  • There are also an unnecessary purchase of e – products due to competitive pricing, easy EMI, easy financing, discounts, and offers. Sometimes, even due to new features, gaming space, and other exciting add – on.
  • The old or damaged or outdated versions are often dumped in the storehouse initially and then thrown out in open spaces.

According to a survey by e-waste recycling Mumbai this rapid onset of gadget obsession amongst humans has made the world a piled stack of e-scrap. The low longevity, lesser replacing attitude, and approach of companies to launch soon new versions are making it worst.

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Significant Points to Remember:

  1. The e-waste generation in the modern world is a never-ending process.
  2. It will keep on adding from time to time. The latest survey says it will increase by 8% approx. In the coming years.
  3. The electronic consumers should be more rational while purchasing e – goods, and more cautious while letting the old one replaced with new.
  4. To minimize the piling of e-waste electronic companies should offer an exchange offer for old electronics, and consumers should opt for it. It helps in controlling the e-waste.
  5. Companies like HP, DELL, Apple, and other big electronic companies do offer exchange programs for their electronic items. They should not be ignored by consumers, as it will not only benefit them to get an extra discount, and less pricing for the newest version of the gadget, but will also help in the effective management and eradication of e-waste.
  6. E-Waste recycling in India says recycling of unused or old or damaged electronics is the best way to approach the problem of increasing e-scrap.
  7. The survey also concluded that the e–products left unused or replaced by new versions doesn’t make it obsolete. It can be given to somebody else, who may find its functionality deserving and use it.

The point to stress is to always opt for a methodological dismantling of e-scrap so that it doesn’t contribute to large scale e-scrap in our environment.

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