It’s Easy Enough To Solve the Problem Of E-Waste

It’s Easy Enough To Solve the Problem Of E-Waste

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The best E-waste Solutions: E-Waste recycling remains the top solution for discarded electronics

The best E-waste Solutions: Established in the year 2012, BPR Infotech started with the objective of coming up with a new and unique way of managing the IT industry and nature together. Along with ensuring good returns for our partners in business, BPR also ensures that nature also gets good returns.

electronic waste management in India

Due to the rapid urbanization and modernization, technology has also evolved at a very fast pace. These technological advancements had led to an increase in E-waste recycling in India. People nowadays just discard these electronic wastes without thinking about its implications on the environment. The need of the hour is that people start thinking about electronic waste management in India.

We are striving every day just for this purpose. We are trying to change the way the industries have been handling these wastes and decreasing the E-waste generation. We are doing their best to incorporate the importance of E-waste management in their clients, stakeholders, employees, partners and the whole community in general.

Along with the growth of the assets and business in IT sector, we are trying to ensure that the risks which are often attached to the security of the data and the impact on the environment are reduced to as minimum as possible. We are also trying to balance between keeping a safe environment while achieving commercial success.

India’s IT industry has been evolving since the past few years and there are not many total asset management companies available nowadays. There are several major role players in this industry which include refurbishers, leasing companies, recyclers, AMC providers, and scrap dealers. Owing to the growth opportunity in this field, we decided to grab this opportunity.

We provide full management of assets of the waste and used IT equipment in India. Services such as recycling, repairs, reverse logistics, refurbishing, de-manufacturing, harvesting, etc. are being provided by us to ensure careful handling of the equipment.

After the advancement in technology, there has been a boost in the usage of different types of equipment, but the proper handling of the equipment, when they become obsolete, is not happening. Every day, a lot of electronic waste is being generated and are disposed of in rivers, lakes, lands, etc. These electronic waste then become a threat to the environment we live in.

E-Waste management in India

It is, therefore, very essential to come up with the ways to get rid of this E-waste properly without having any negative effect on the environment or think of ways for E-waste recycling Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Vishakhapatnam, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, etc. are some of the places in which BRP Infotech provides the recycling services for E-waste.

BRP Infotech provides a lot of services which can help to lower the generation of electronic waste as well as ways for recycling them. The services provided by us includes maximum metal recovery, resource efficiency via reuse, recycling of e-waste, peripherals/components recovery, global standards for Indian centric market and efficient reverse logistics management.

We always try to ensure that the electronic equipment is recycled in a manner which is environment-friendly and doesn’t impact the nature adversely in any way. They also ensure that the system of reporting they follow is the transparent one so that everyone can observe their efforts of having a less polluted nature and environment. BRP Infotech also covers the disposition risk of the assets.

BRP Infotech has over the years tried to build a reputation among the companies to offer the best solutions for the full management of their assets. They have ensured that not only the companies get benefitted by it, but also the environment as a whole.

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