Top 4 Benefits of Electronic Waste Recycling

Top 4 Benefits of Electronic Waste Recycling

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Recycling is generally known as the act of processing used or abandoned materials for use in creating new products. Therefore, it’s an important process to ensure valuable are being created from otherwise scrap.

In modern times recycling play a significant role in controlling pollution, spreading of poisonous substances in environment and reuse of worthful materials. Right from plastic to scraps everything is recycled to benefit human race.

Thus, recycling is the most amazing understanding of human in 21st century. Today, electronic gadgets, items, and products are everyday getting upgraded. They are storming into the markets and almost everybody is purchasing their versions.

The problem is not with buying newer electronic product versions, but what happens to the old models or damaged electronic medium and electronic devices, which needs to be replaced. These electronic scrap can be dangerous for our nature if dumped or thrown outside.

Why are they dangerous for our nature?

  • The electronic waste can lead to land pollution

  • It can destroy the fertility of the soil and make it arid

  • The scrap from electronic items can also lead to air pollution

  • If dumped in swampy areas it can pollute the ground water level and make it risky for human use

  • If the scrap ends up in river or lake it can cause health hazards for animals, birds, marine life and humans

Therefore, electronic waste recycling is the best way to eradicate the crisis that our ecosphere may face. So, we must ensure that more and more awareness campaign must be started to not dump e – waste in open, but go for e – waste recycling.

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Benefits of e – waste recycling:

Recycling of electronic scrap is not only promises of clean and green environment, but ensures boost in earnings. Remember, earnings are not any kind of remuneration to follow recycling of electronics. But, it’s a fact to understand and follow for a better tomorrow.

  • Recovery: The fact of the matter is every electronic appliance and gadgets are comprised of ‘cooper, zinc and even gold’. These metals are used in electronic mediums for their wiring, channel, and circuit. Therefore, it’s imperative to recover these metals and send for recycling. Thus, selling of such metals proves beneficial and profitable.

  • Regenerate: The process of recovery is shifted next to regenerating. This process helps in building an appliance or equipment without starting from scratch. So, it saves time, money and operational efforts for manufacturing. Thus, lowering down cost of the finished product and making the market more competitive. It’s indirectly beneficial for us.

  • Charity: Sometimes it’s better to give away old electronic appliances or gadgets in charity. It’s better than dumping. It’s better than recycling. At the same time you can help NGOs or orphanages or old age home with something of interest or to cherish. Here, you may not be benefitted monetarily, but off course you will contribute in mass interest. Also it will not let an otherwise still useable appliance from going into scrap or dump.

  • Job Opportunities: Electronic waste management in India is creating new job opportunities. As the industry is growing rapidly and needs professional recyclers, dismantlers, skillful professional handlers and at entry level collectors. It also requires labor for operational functionalities. So, many unemployed will be benefited with livelihood.

So, next time don’t forget to go for electronic scrap recycling. It will benefit your society, nature, country and world at large.

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