Recycling – a way to be global, responsible and ethical

Recycling – a way to be global, responsible and ethical

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The world population is growing day by day and currently each human being adds significant waste to the planet over his or her lifetime. We use many products in our household and workplace to satisfy our basic needs. Many of these products and their packaging end up being dumped in bins, eventually ending up in landfill sites. The natural resources on our planet Earth are finite so we must take steps to preserve, recycle and reuse whenever possible.

Through recycling, the materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash are collected and processed thereby turning them into new products. Many individuals, governing bodies and companies throughout the world are working on reducing their waste to help minimize global environmental damage and make Earth a better place to live in.

The fear of global climate change has compelled us to take extreme measures to reduce pollution levels, to slow down if not eradicate this phenomenon. In view of this, governments around the world are setting urgent targets for recycling.

Can you recycle electronics too?

E-Waste recycling in India

Technology has become an essential part of us. All of us adore our cell phones, tablets and flat screen TVs. Lots of us also take pleasure in replacing those gadgets every couple of years with the current and brand new models. All over the world, 30 to 50 million tons of electronic devices are thrown away every year.

No doubt our lives have become a lot easier because of these devices but do you think about what happens to your old gadgets that are effortlessly dumped at the nearest garbage pile? How are they recycled or disposed of? These are finally called as electronic waste or e-waste or e-scrap.

In addition to this, several multinational companies worldwide discard huge quantities of obsolete equipment and change to the latest ones, adding to the e-waste plague.

These old equipment contain various poisonous materials that can create natural contamination and serious hazards to mankind if not managed carefully. So this e-waste must be recycled too. Through, e-waste recycling gadgets are modified to make it usable for the same or some other purpose.

Why is it important to recycle e-waste?

E-waste is made up of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, glass, wood, circuit boards, ceramics, rubber etc. The major constituent of e-waste is iron and steel (about 50%) followed by plastics (21%)and non-ferrous metals (13%)like copper, aluminium and precious metals like silver, gold, platinum, palladium etc.

When e-waste is managed properly, valuable items like copper, aluminium, gold and silver can be extracted from it. Un-scientific disposal of e-waste leads to the loss of these valuable metals and put more pressure on the ever-depleting natural resources.

Electronic devices contain various heavy metals like lead, mercury and cadmium. When these electronics end up in landfills, many of these chemicals leach into the soil during rainfall and contaminate the soil and water.

Combustion of e-waste is accompanied with the risk of producing and diffusing contaminated and toxic substances in the environment. The gases discharged during the burning and the residue ash is often lethal and harmful for both, health and environment.

How can you recycle e-waste?

Although, the government is required to take initiatives in regulating laws as responsible citizens we have to support these initiatives by sending our old electronic goods for recycling. Companies with the business of e-waste recycling in India have stepped up to recycle your gadgets and devices. These companies desire to reduce the buildup of used and disposed electronic and electrical equipments, which mostly wind up in landfills or are somewhat recycled in unhealthy conditions by backyard recyclers and part of it thrown into waste streams harming the environment.

The e-waste management companies collect e-waste like end of life, obsolete, discarded electronics and electrical equipment from industries and household, then recycle them in an environmental friendly way to recover raw materials like metals, plastics & glass.

The measures taken by these companies for e-waste management in India create an opportunity to transfer waste into socially and industrially beneficial raw materials like valuable metals, plastics and glass using simple, cost efficient, home-grown, environmental friendly technologies suitable to Indian conditions.

Do your bit by giving away your old electrical items to these companies and save the environment.

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