8 Positive Changes and Dangerous Consequences of E – Scrap Recycling

8 Positive Changes and Dangerous Consequences of E – Scrap Recycling

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The new norm to get rid of obsolete materials is to opt for recycling of these materials. These not only allow the manufacturers to lower the cost of production, but also bring cheaper materials out in market.

These give our economy a boost by increasing its revenue and creating job opportunities. Today in 21st century electronic items are taking over every aspect of our life. The better versions and upgraded models with new features are being launched every month.

electronic scrap

It’s making the older versions either less useful or less utility prone. So, people are replacing them with new electronic equipment.

The old and the sometimes the disabled ones are thrown away. The damaged one are immediately passed on as scrap. They not only destroy or deplete the environment, but also in open they can create poisonous substance polluting the ecosphere.

  • Solution: Recycling is the best solution for saving environment and refurbishing the old electronic goods.

Where to recycle old electronics?

The industries in India especially located in Bangalore the ‘Silicon Valley’ is known for recycling old electronics. These recycling industries ensure that the old or used or damaged electronic items are recycled, processed, and used for creating new products.electronic scrap

The scraps are thus, made into useful items; else they would have ended up in pile of garbage wiping out our nature.

Change that the Recycling of Electronic Items can bring:

  • Recycling can lower down the cost of otherwise expensive electronic items
  • Recycling can help in preserving and conserving non – renewable resources
  • Recycling also help to curb pollution and control nature’s depletion
  • Recycling ascertains controlling of poisonous substances from spilling into environment
  • It also helps to reuse worthful materials
  • The expensive materials collected from the process of recycle is further sold in higher value
  • There are higher disposal of expensive metals than extracted across the globe
  • Even plastics are recycle and made into benefit humans

These are unbelievable advantages that one can derive from recycling electronic items. So, we must give it a serious thought.

If we don’t opt for electronic equipment recycling, then it can be dangerous for our nature. It can cause havoc and can be hazardous for living beings. So, dumping or throwing outside such scrap will bring devastation for our next generation.

Dangerous Consequences for our Nature compiled by E–Waste Recycling Bangalore:

  • Land pollution is one of the major thing that can occur if we throw the unused electronic products in open
  • The land pollution can destroy the fertility of the soil and it can lower down the yielding of crops and food grains production
  • Burning of the electronic scrap can also lead to air pollution and poisoning of the atmosphere
  • The air pollution can also bring acidic rainfall and lead to harmful effects over living beings
  • If the toxin substances like lead or mercury sip in to swampy or water bodies it can be really dangerous causing water pollution
  • The water pollution can poison the ground water level and even make the water unfit for drinking or daily use
  • The water pollution can also lead to dead of marine life and sometimes have adverse effect over human beings

So, we must spread the awareness campaign against dumping electronic scrap in open. The awareness of recycling e – scrap will lead to safer and better ecosphere.

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