Collection and Reverse Logistics

BRP Infotech Pvt. Ltd. can assist with local or interstate pickup of e-waste for TV and Computer recycling in India. India has announced new rules about who must do what in the recycling of electronic waste. In Computer recycling, we disassemble and separate the components and raw materials of old computers. Computer waste recycling includes recycle of discarded computers, office electronic equipment, mobile phones, television sets, refrigerator etc. Now people are searching for information on computer equipment recycling that will help them get rid of unwanted computer equipment.

computer equipment recycling

We collect and recycle hundreds of items of e-waste every week. The e-waste recycling industry is not free to recycle old electronics. The value of the raw materials of old electronics is worth less than it costs to actually recycle them. BRP Infotech is involved in offering computer recycling services in India. Computer Recycling in Delhi is a serious issue to be worked upon. But though our daily busy lives, we can help by the following ways:

1. Only buy those products that are mush important in our daily life.

2. When bored with your old electronic products, do not throw them. Return to the manufacturer and if not possible, then try to donate or sell online.

3. Don’t dumb your old electronic products in garbage. Recycle them through E-Waste recycler in your area.

Through our global network and 3 PL services, we are able to move electronic waste and assets from anywhere in PAN INDIA. So if you have old TV, Computers and other electronic devices that no longer work, don’t throw them out. These electronic devices contain heavy metals. They cannot be disposed of as garbage and must be recycled. Our collection service extends to Reverse Logistics.

computer disposal sites

Our presence & logistic optimization

F-394, UPSIDC Industrial Area, M.G. Road, Hapur, (U.P.)

Shakarpur & patparganj Industrial Area (New Delhi)

    • Material picked across India is
      transferred to our ware house
      Facility marked as
    • There after material is transferred
      to one of our plant
  • Based on difference in distance &
    logistic optimization for recycling as
    per customer needs

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