E-Waste Recycling in Delhi

‘Commitment to Green Earth – Clean Earth’…
BRP InfoTech the renowned e – waste recycling Delhi Company, aims to clean the environment from e – waste under its initiative ‘Protect Environment’.
We are one of the best e – waste recycling companies in Delhi, with unique process of identifying e – waste, e – asset, and data security. Our team follows the policy of ‘Reuse, Resale, and Recycle’. The policy of 3 R is used for ‘Reduction’ of e – waste in our environment.

Electronic Waste Recycling in New Delhi Process:

  • Collection of e – scrap from electronic waste disposal in New Delhi centers
  • Transportation of e – waste to the plant of ‘BRP InfoTech’ the revered computer waste recycling companies in New Delhi
  • Processing of the e – waste through varied process of extracting metals, assessing e – assets, reusing, reselling and dismantling safely
  • Recycling is the final process by one of the best team of electronic waste recycling management companies New Delhi

BRP InfoTech values the e – waste, and believes it can be transformed to sustainable products. Thus, we apply recycling to create new life and new function from the accumulated e – waste.
Our team focuses on generating economic benefit from the e – waste through assessing its value, extracting precious metals, and reselling or reusing its components.
Why we are one of the best electronic waste recycling companies in New Delhi?

  • Our process is focused on safety to the environment first
  • We ensure that zero pollution is emitted while dismantling of the e – waste
  • Our process of collection is conceptualized on the fundamentals of protecting environment from ‘air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution’
  • Our reverse logistic ensures that we reach out to every corner to fulfill our commitment of green earth, and track the e – waste management
  • We are admired globally as one of the best e – waste recycling management companies New Delhi, as we create sustainable resources or products from the e – waste

Team ‘BRP’ is committed to efficiently use natural resources, preserve resources from being overused, and conserve for a better tomorrow.

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