PRO Service for EPR Implementation

According to E-waste (management) rules 2016,it has become mandatory for all bulk consumers,manufacturers and producers of all electrical and electronic machineries to bide their EPR . These guidelines frankly indicate that a target is set for bulk producer as per their consumption to channelize e-waste for responsible recycling.

What is EPR?

First of all we’ll come to know the full form of EPR and that is Extended Producer Responsibility. It is a responsibility of any manufacturers of electrical and electronic machinery to make sure to be eco friendly management of these wastes. Through Producer Responsibility Organization which is identified by the manufacturer ,EPR may incorporate of executing bring back the system either organising up of collection factories or both works and also possessing agreed disposition with approved recycler either individually or group wise.

Role of PRO service….

PRO means Producer Responsibility Organization. This helps Producers to get their EPR targets through recyclers in the country. It is also responsible for assembling a acquisition system for the targated material and raise awareness for disconsructing of e-waste.

Our offers for you

We make sure a clearcut model of process with specialist to get their targets because we have ideal resolution for all bulk manufacturers of electric and electronic machineries to get their EPR goals.

Our services contain

  • We provide PRO services with restrictive bring back schemes for e-waste and our agreement management assessed and uses best agreement value of manufacturers.
  • To educate the traders who engaged in informal recycling of e-waste,about the profits of proper recycling and getting them on board for continual recycling system.
  • To educate them we arrange workshop and creating consciousness about the danger of poisonous effects on health and ecosystem.
  • We are nurturing our new venture by our website and app based model and collect e-waste throughout India. It delivers e-waste with a most reasonable,convenient systematic way for consumers.
  • We provide proofs in form of videos,pictures, documents and in other forms according to need.We make sure that the whole procedure is done according to rules and strong convention.
  • We firmly confident that knowledgeable sector has a lot of solution of dilemma to get the target applied on producers under EPR. We are much confident to fulfill the targets through firm principals.
  • We develop consciousness for stocks through digital marketing,social media,corporate events.
  • We specialize in reverse supply chain services adding reverse logistics, eco-reporting and continuous processing.
  • We have team of devoted members of telecallers and Professionals who work for 24×7 on our toll free number for the consumers.

We make able manufacturers to effectively run the products and commodity returns to make possible multiple cycles of use with help of our most experimental and exhaustive return management solution.In this way return guides us to value convention and stand working our bit to work toward a chained economy.We are devoted to provide you the best and reliable solution to get the targets. Please allow us a visit for brief conference to make clear about our concepts and formalities.

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