Electronic Waste Recycling Solution

‘Rethink the Future – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’…
BRP InfoTech the India based electronic recycling company is committed to stand for the protection of nature from today’s biggest threat e – waste.
Why electronic scrap is considered hazardous?

  • E – Scrap spills pollution to even ground water, making it unfit for drinking
  • E – Waste are responsible for acidification of soil, leading to loss of soil fertility
  • E – Waste miss – management leads to air pollution on burning in open spaces
  • Electronic waste consists of 40% lead and 75% of the heavy metals found in landfills
  • The harmful effects of e – waste damages DNA of humans and have long term negative implications
  • E – scraps are one of the primary reason for lung cancer
  • The scraps consisting of obsolete electronics also are responsible for damage to heart, liver and spleen in humans
  • The pollution from e – waste impact the brain in human body and permanently or partially damages it, depending on the exposure
  • The continuous exposure or limited exposure to e – waste can lead to asthmatic bronchitis

So, our team of experts associated with electronic waste recycling believes the only way to tackle this growing menace is by ‘reducing, reusing, and recycling’ of e – waste.

Therefore, we have developed India’s most advanced, green, and clean tech plants to process e – waste. We also find solutions to evaluate electronic assets, economic benefits from e – waste, extracting beneficial metals, and scope for redesigning the e – waste.
BRP InfoTech is proud to follow the ‘Electronic Waste Disposal Rules – 2016 by Government of India’ while determining varied electronic waste solutions.
Services of BRP’s Electronic Waste & Scrap Recycling Center:

  • Asset Refurbishment through reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • Data Destruction based on 100% security, safety, and certification
  • Reverse Logistic to collect, track, manage, and electronic waste disposal
  • Environment Rule 2016 implementation as per ‘GOI’ guidelines for recycling of electronic waste in India
  • Recycling Certification for bulk e – waste solutions

Process of Managing E – Waste by BRP Electronic Waste Recycling Center:

  • Collect the e – waste from different centers, track it and manage it effectively
  • Transport e – scrap to plants for processing and dismantling
  • Processing via methodology of reduce, redesign, reuse, and recycle
  • Recycling based on eco – friendly possibilities, clean tech, and development of sustainable resources for future

Where to recycle old electronics?

BRP InfoTech is the answer and the electronic waste recycling center.

  • We follow environment first policy
  • We are known for our environmental stewardship
  • Easy collection and transportation facilities for e – waste
  • Reverse Logistics to support even remote areas to get rid of e – waste
  • Go Green Policy and Social awareness program
  • Social encouragement through employment generation
  • 100% comply of rules, regulation, and data destruction amid e – waste

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