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Green Mind – Green Life’…
BRP InfoTech is promoting green life as e – waste recycling Pune mission; as it believes recycling is the only way to tackle e – waste hazards and save the earth.
We are one of the e – waste recycling companies Pune, which understands we humans are living on this planet, as if we had another one to go.
Thus, our electronic waste recycling in Pune is based on green energy, clean technology, and innovative processing of obsolete e – scrap or electronic waste.
4 R Process of Team BRP in Electronic Waste Disposal in Pune:

  • Report:We collect e – scrap and evaluate their status. We report their electronic assets, value, resale probability, and recycling sustainability. These reports later help us to deal with the situation of e – waste effectively. It also assists in categorizing the e – scrap in segments; making it easy to identify and act.
  • Re – Design:This is essential part of our processing, where we identify the obsolete or discarded electronics’ design. If required we solve the e – waste problem by re – designing the electronic equipment. Thus, it becomes user friendly for reuse or resale. This is the innovation we have pioneer as one of the best computer waste recycling companies in Pune.
  • Reuse:This processing part is best known for its developing of sustainable products, accessories, and resources for future use. Reuse is the process that our team aims to bring down use of natural resources, minimize environmental degradation, control health hazards, and providing safety to workers in our different electronic waste recycling management companies New Delhi.
  • Recycle:We at BRP InfoTech one of the revered electronic waste recycling companies in Pune, realizes the need for sustainable treatment of e – waste. Thus, we focus on recycling them to develop newer products, infrastructure, equipment’s, and technical advancement.

Trust our technically superior 4 R as one of the best amongst e – waste recycling management companies Pune.
Team BRP ensures economic, environmental, and social solutions to e – waste.

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