E-Waste Recycling in Mumbai

Recycle makes a Difference’…
BRP InfoTech the e –waste recycling Mumbai based company believes recycling e – waste will not let our future go to trash.
We are convincing organizations, institutions, companies, IT parks, other entities and major e – waste recycling companies Mumbai to join ‘PLEASE RECYCLE’ initiative.

Our team has set benchmark for electronic waste recycling in Mumbai by strictly following e – waste handling and disposal rules – 2016 by Government of India.
It ensures that we follow safe, efficient, secure, easy transportation, and systematic electronic waste disposal in Mumbai.

3 Fundamentals of BRP InfoTech as Computer Waste Recycling Companies in Mumbai:

  1. Safety to human life and other living beings from the hazards caused by e – waste.
  2. Safety to environment from the poisonous metallic elements contained in the components of e – waste.
  3. Safety to workers and team involved in dismantling and extracting e – waste.

Why we are the pioneer amongst the electronic waste recycling companies in Mumbai?

  • Reduce:Our team is passionately trying to convince manufacturers and users to not buy e – products unless required.The best way to tackle e – waste problem is not to produce it. So, by reducing unnecessary consumption, we will reduce the accumulation of e – waste or obsolete e – scrap.
  • Reuse: Trash can be treasure; it depends on perception and understanding. We dedicatedly work towards creating sustainable, valuable, and raw materials for future use.It also helps our initiative of stopping the entry of new electronic equipment’s; and thereby, preventing accumulation of e – waste.We also appreciate and encourage donation of electronics for further use. It stops piling of e – scrap.
  • Recycle:Recycling is the most clean and green transformation at ‘BRP’ of old or obsolete electronics.We also dispose the recycling of e – waste in eco – friendly processing, thereby saving the environment.So, we all can contribute to different electronic waste management recycling companies Mumbai towards preserving and conserving natural resources.

BRP InfoTech is the best e – waste recycling management companies Mumbai for its commitment towards safer world.

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