Electronic Waste Management in India

In this ever-changing world of technology, Electronic Waste Disposal is gaining Importance. As our country is slowly becoming the IT hub of the world, it has become a dumping ground for electronic wastes for the world. Apart from other Countries, business and individual households are currently reported to make Personal computers and other gadgets obsolete every year, which further increases the e-waste generation and in turn, also increases environmental health indicators.

So the first question that arises is why should you recycle electronic waste? Most electronic equipment contain hazardous metallic contaminants such as lead, beryllium etc. If there is no proper dismantling and processing of e-waste then such toxic heavy metals enter our bodies through the air, food, water etc. and cause a variety of health hazards. Thus there is a need for effective electronic waste programs to make our environment safe and clean. Furthermore, by electronic waste recycling, we can procure the small amounts of valuable metals like gold and silver and if we do not recycle such wastes it leads to the solid waste generation which goes to landfills which further contaminates the environment.

The second question that arises is where to recycle such e-waste? This where we come in. BRP InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. Is the best company for E-waste management in India. Our aim is to minimize electronic waste in India and decrease such E-waste generation. Mostly we unnecessarily purchase e-products due to competitive pricing, easy EMI’s etc. The best way to reduce the problem of E-waste recycling is to re-use electronic items which are not obsolete. The old and outdated versions of electronic items are mostly dumped in storehouses and then later thrown out in open spaces which is highly hazardous to the environment as they contain toxic metals.

We provide various services which include maximum metal recovery, resource efficiency via reuse, component recovery, and efficient reverse logistics management. Our main focus is on eliminating the risks surrounding data security, compliance and minimizing environmental risks. We discovered a huge growth opportunity in the field of Electronic waste management in India and total asset management of used electronic equipment market. We always ensure that electronic waste is disposed of in a way which is environment-friendly and does not cause any natural adversity.

The harmful nature of e-waste is one of the most increasingly growing environmental problems in India. Further, the ever-increasing amount of e-waste along with the lack of awareness is deepening the problem. Our main agenda is to provide methodological dismantling of e-scrap so that it does not cause large scale accumulation of e-waste. BRP Infotech has built a reputation among other companies over the years, to offer the best electronic waste solutions for the full management of their electronic items. We have ensured that not only the companies get benefited by it, but also the environment as a whole.

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