The Importance of Electronic Waste Recycling & E-Waste in India

The Importance of Electronic Waste Recycling & E-Waste in India

Published On: March 14, 2018 at 9:38 am 0 Comments admin

Electronic waste in India is growing fast so there is a need for effective electronic waste programs to make our environment clean & safe. Now people are searching for where to recycle their old electronic products to get rid of unwanted equipments.

Electronic waste disposal is a critical issue in India as these electronic scrap contains potentially harmful components such as lead, cadmium, beryllium, or brominated flame retardants which are very harmful for environment & health. Most electronics contain valuable materials such as copper, silver, gold and some electronics contain hazardous components such as lead and mercury.

E-Waste management in India

The Importance of e-waste recycling:

  • The electronic devices contain valuable metals like gold and silver, and only 10% of those metals are recycled from the devices and rest go of the amount goes to the garbage bin. By recovering precious metals, we can make the world relatively richer, and that is not our hypothesis, it is a reality.

  • The short product lifespan has led to the solid waste generation that goes to landfill thus making environment hazardous.

  • By adhering to electronic waste recycling, you will be eliminating hazardous materials like mercury, chromium, and cadmium that are found in the electronic devices, these substances are highly dangerous to human life. It also contains heavy metals too.

  • The poisonous effects not only harm the atmosphere but also it affects the plants, trees, and animals, it can also cause natural disastrous resulting in human tragedy and losses.

electronic waste recycling

Many e-waste recycling companies in India in the formal and informal sector are dealing with foreign products. These e-waste is damaging the environment also many poor people working in this sector for their livelihood are facing serious health issues. E-waste contains many dangerous and harmful components like lead, cadmium, chromium, plastics which can damage our nervous system, lungs, kidney and reproductive system.

The improvement in e-waste management in India is very necessary including technological improvement, operational plan and protective protocol for poor workers working in this sector but the lack of knowledge & awareness not just damaging public health but the environment as well.

India has formulated and notified its strategy to tackle the E-waste through the E-waste Management Rule 2016. BRP Infotech have many electronic waste recycling centers all over India. Our unit e-waste recycling in Delhi provides electronic scrap recycling in and around Delhi, India. We provide best solution for TV & Computer recycling in India.

Therefore, it is important that you carefully dispose of those discarded devices; they should not be sitting in your home ideally. You must let them get recycled so that the valuable materials can be retrieved and the waste can find its right place where it would decompose and return to nature without affecting lives.


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