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BRP Infotech Pvt. Ltd.  is best electronic waste recycling center in Delhi provides solutions that connect seamlessly with our client’s manufacturing processes. Our clients range from electronic brand owners, manufacturers, OEMs, CEMs, design vendors, testing vendors, repair & servicing companies, logistic providers, re-marketers, in short any producers who have electronics to scrap (remove from its use). Working as an electronic waste recycling center, we offer electronic waste solutions, electronic waste disposal, E-Waste recycling in India. We salvages and recycles the electronics. We will properly recycle with the least amount of pollution, therefore assuming the responsibility of the electronic brand owners, our clients, to handle the electronic scrap with proper processing (recycling) in an environmentally-considerate manner.

Electronic recycling includes processing and separation of components and raw materials that can be reused in making of new products. The process of recycling begins by disassembling the electronic waste disposal and separation of precious metals. We provide services to its clients in managing their extended producer liability and take back responsibilities for their electrical & electronic products, and uniquely showcase how we operate & do our business. We provide the optimal reverse logistics solution that is legally compliant, environmentally responsible and economically feasible.

Recycling electronic Scrap

7 Facts about E -Waste and Attributes of Recycling electronic Scrap

“Recycling takes a little effort on your part – but makes a big difference to the world…”

Recycling e – waste, computers, and electronic items is thinking outside the trash. Recycling of e – waste or e – scrap is turning things into other useful things, which is like magic.
Brp Infotech Pvt Ltd  is basically disassembling, separating, and dismantling of components, raw materials, metals and other valued things from electronic waste.

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